If in Albany your garage door sensor is not working due to a complete breakdown, Garage Door Repair can work quickly and efficiently to provide you with fast garage door sensor repair

Garage door provides safety and security to your belongings while sensors are designed to prevent accidents caused by automatic garage doors.  The traditional form of sensor is mechanical, in which a moving garage door reverses due to physical contact with an object, but photoelectric sensors have become mainstream.  Sometimes sensor of your garage door stops working and your garage door does not close after you arrive or leave your home. If your garage door sensor is malfunctioning in Albany, Garage Door Repair is there to fix your garage door sensor problem. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair are experienced and learned so they can deal with any type of garage door sensor.

Albany, NY Sensor Repair

Types of garage Door Sensor

We can repair following types of garage door sensor:

  • Safety Sensors
  • Monitor Sensors
  • CO2 Sensors

We can repair and install any damage to garage door sensor easily and conveniently.  

Common Issues with Garage Door Sensor

There can be certain issues with your garage door sensor:

  • Electrical Problems
  • Damage to the Photo Eye
  • Accidental Obstruction
  • Garage Door Opener

What Causes Garage Door Sensors Malfunctioning?

garage door sensorDirty sensors, misalignments, or damaged components can cause sensors to malfunction. Vibrations from the garage door or direct sunlight may affect it. As a result, the door may work erratically. If a sensor malfunctions, the door might suddenly stop and reverse for no reason, open but not close, or a light may flash on the sensor. Due to the garage door sensor and openers working together, there could be an issue with the opener itself, the sensor, or both.

Whatever the cause of malfunction of your garage door sensor, Garage Door Repair has every possible solution for your garage door sensor issue. If you need a garage door sensor repair, Garage Door Repair can provide a prompt response to your service call in Albany.

Garage Door RepairWhy choose Garage Door Repair for Garage Door Sensor Repair in Albany?

We have solid and long experience dealing with sensors. We know every problem and a solution for each one of them. Our experts are handpicked and we make sure you get our best team on sensors. We repair and install garage door sensor at affordable and convenient prices throughout Albany. Our experience with garage doors has made us master of the art. We are at your service of garage door sensor repair and installation 24/7. Call us any time in Albany for repairing and installation of garage door sensor and we will be there.